Arif — DC

WBN Testimonials

Arif made a $30,000 profit on his first flip.

Matt — CA

WBN Testimonials

Matt made over $100,000 on his first Commercial property flip.

Michelle and Scott

WBN Testimonials

Michelle and her husband have made over $172,000 on their first three Real Estate deals.

Linda — AZ

WBN Testimonials

Linda made a $200,000 profit on two wholesale deals while on vacation, using her smartphone to complete the deals.

Gary and Carmon — IL

WBN Testimonials

Gary & Carmon found, fixed, and flipped their first house in 21 days for a $40,000 profit.

Leisha and Brad — MN

WBN Testimonials

Leisha and Brad have now flipped more than 8 homes and counting.

Miguel — VA

WBN Testimonials

Miguel made over 172,000 on his first two houses. Now he is developing Real Estate all across this state.

Brian — NY

WBN Testimonials

In just over one year with no experience, Brian has made over $350k with his new Real Estate business.

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